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Sunshine and dry roads

Posted by stocky on February 24, 2009

You guest it the sun has come out and dried the roads, Yahooo!!

Traffic was a bit thick but Imanaged to weave my way around, theres a lot to be said for quiet sunday mornings

I read about the hospitals coughing up and admitting that thier errors have been killing people in todays paper

What I couldn’t find was where anybody had been charged with negligenence over any of these “mishaps”

If I have a mishap at work O.S.H. get invovled and if i’m found to be at fault I’m Fined in the least if not taken to court over the matter

I’m not knocking the doctors I’m just pointing out the double standards

Most of the times that i’ve smashed off my bike the doctors and nurses have been great and the ambulance staff awesome

They do great work these guys and the ambo staff are hero’s everyone of them

They get paid far to little and are expected to do far too much, thats why the mistakes happen

Subject change;

I had some friends over to tea tonight I cooked Paua it turned out not too bad, well everyone finished thier plates off and said it was nice so here’s the reciepe

Stocky’s paua chips

Slice paua thinly in chip shapes

Place on a plate and return to the refridgerator untill the next day [24 hours if poss but 18 is ok]

then after this time the paua will be raedy this keps the meat from goig tough when you cook it

Mix the paua in a bowl with two eggs

in anotherĀ  bowl mix flour ,chilli powder, a pinch of colemans mustard, and master foods seasoning [ bar b q, african, or cajun] to suit taste

mix the egged paua with the seasoned flour

Cook in hot rice bran oil or butter to suit tastes

Eat when toasty brown

I like to have a tomato salsa with them to freshen your mouth during the meal it gives you a break fron the paua and is a taste explosion because of the difference in flavours

Subject change:

The weather is looking good for the next couple of days so with luck I’ll get a ride in after tea tomorrow

it will be something to look forward to at work

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